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Woman settles case against HSE

This week we represented a client who settled her case against the HSE and a Dublin hospital after she suffered injuries at the hospital in question. The woman who is now aged seventy seven sustained injuries in a fall in the hospital in 2018. Proceedings issued in January 2020. Liability was denied by the defendants. The case was litigated for three years with the defendants delaying in sharing agreed documents and ultimately resulting in the Plaintiff having to issue a motion to force the defendants to make discovery. Ultimately the case was settled this week, some three weeks before the hearing date, without an admission of liability. The continued use of delay and deny as a litigation tactic has to change, particularly for very young and older Plaintiffs. Our client showed great courage throughout the litigation, and attended engineer’s inspections and medical examinations without question, despite her mobility issues and Covid. Although satisfied with the settlement, she remains disappointed with the manner in which she perceives she was treated by the hospital, both in the immediate aftermath of the fall and during the entirety of the proceedings.

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